Kaysinger receives grant for economic development

The Cedar, Benton, St. Clair and Vernon County Commissions and the cities of El Dorado Springs, Warsaw, Lincoln, Cole Camp, Appleton City, Osceola, Lowry City and Nevada are all contributing matching funds to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Community Development Initiative grant in order to be served by an economic developer working for each of the counties listed above. The investment in regional economic development by these counties, cities and the USDA amounts to nearly half a million dollars over the next two years. The total budget for the program comes to $445,708. The regional economic development team will have four economic developers and each one will serve one of the counties listed.

When asked about how this grant will help the region, Sheridan Garman-Neeman, executive director of Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, replied, “Hiring these additional economic developers will allow us to continue implementing a regional economic development strategy designed to capitalize on our region’s assets and to ultimately bring more high-paying jobs to the region. Our rural counties can do better and will do better as a result of the investment by these counties, cities and the USDA.”

Kaysinger Basin hopes to have three new economic developers hired by Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020. Each economic developer will have an office based in the county they serve and will go through an extensive training process. Each will specialize in one aspect of economic development and they will rely on each other and expertise from Kaysinger Basin in order to create and implement the most effective economic development strategy for each county. The economic developers will conduct Business Retention and Expansion visits in their counties in order to assist the existing businesses there. The economic developers will be employed and managed by Kaysinger Basin but will be required to meet with the cities and counties they serve regularly in order to garner input from county and city officials each step of the way. Kaysinger Basin will assist the counties with developing a funding strategy in order to continue their economic development programs well into the future.

For more information, contact Garman-Neeman. To request other documentation, contact the holder of records, fiscal officer Kay Holt at Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission, 221 N. Second St., Clinton, MO 64735.

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