Back, from left, volunteers Barbara Jenkins and Becca Loane share a smiling moment with Lynne Cox, front. The trio are at the helm of Furry Hearts’ operations and coordinate the no-profit efforts conducted by the local non-profit organization. 

Animal rescue supporters came out in scores to support Furry Hearts, a local animal rescue, Thursday, Feb. 20, at Simple Simon’s Pizza, Stockton. 

The local non-profit organization specializes in abandoned, neglected or surrendered animals — namely canines and felines — in the Cedar County area. 

The group also networks throughout the community to find volunteers, donated supplies and necessary funds for urgent or overdue veterinary care on a situational case-by-case basis. 

“We’re growing and there’s always an ongoing need for these rescue services,” group coordinator Lynne Cox said. ”We’re a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers and we do a tremendous amount of good here on a shoestring budget.”

Furry Heart’s leadership said there are some big plans in the works for 2020 and while they always appreciate financial support from the community, the group’s current focus is its constant need for volunteer transport drivers. 

Group leaders also eluded to a couple of heart-tugging stories which will be featured in the Republican in the near future when a couple of lengthy adoptions of some of the rescue’s most troubled canines are finalized.

Looking ahead, the group is planning on continued expansion based solely on the abundant need for no-kill rescue efforts in the greater Cedar County area.

“We’ve got a lot on our plate this year and it looks like we’re on pace to really move past last year’s numbers,” volunteer Becca Loane said. “When you’re talking about rehoming animals to other states and arranging adoption all over the country, well, we can always, always use volunteers.”

When looking to connect with the local organization directly, group members said inquiries, emails and messages are handled promptly.

“We’re quick to respond to messages and anyone can reach us through Facebook,” Loane said. A lot of people would be surprised to see all the different ways they can help, too.”

Simples Simon’s owner/operator Eric Prentice said the event was well-attended and his operation contributed almost $100 to the group’s coffers during the three-hour event and the organization raised more than $600 over the course of the evening. The local pizza parlor makes its facilities — along with a shared percentage of an event’s revenue — available to area non-profits with just a few basic arrangements. 

Additional information regarding donations, volunteering opportunities, urgent needs and the rescue’s ongoing animal rescue and foster services can be found by visiting the organization’s Facebook page. 

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