Go somewhere exciting this week. No plane ticket needed, just a good book. The Baker and Taylor novels recently arrived at the Geneva Sharp Branch of the Cedar County Library in Stockton, and may provide just what you need for a perfect escape. The library is at 717 East St., and is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Starting April 1, the library will be open until 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Friends of the Library invite you to select from the most recent arrivals which include:

“A Dangerous Game” by Heather Graham, romance. When a desperate woman shoves an infant into her arms and flees only to be murdered minutes later, psychologist Kieran Finnegan teams up with FBI special agent Craig Frasier to expose and end a human-trafficking operation.

“Accidental Heroes” by Danielle Steel, romance. A decorated former air force pilot, a pregnant flight attendant and a dedicated TSA agent find their fates colliding with those of other fellow passengers who must fight for their lives during a fateful flight from New York to San Francisco.

“As You Wish” by Jude Deveraux, romance. Gathering in a house in Summer Hill, Virginia, to support one another through marital woes, three women from different generations reflect on their experiences with estrangement, expectation and infidelity while resolving to pursue life on their own terms.

“Darling Dahlias and the Unlucky Clover” by Susan Wittig Albert, mystery/detective. When the post-prohibition community of Darling is thrown into a turmoil by disappointments surrounding a Dixie barbershop competition and a breakdown in the local telephone system, sheriff Buddy Norris makes a perspective-changing discovery while confronting Cypress County's most notorious bootlegger.

“Duel to the Death” by Judith A. Jance, suspense. After taking down the man responsible for his best friend's death, Stuart Ramey believes the case finally is closed until he finds himself left with a multimillion dollar fortune in Bitcoin in a desperate bid by Frigg, a rogue A.I. program created by the killer, to keep itself from being fully deactivated. To sort out his situation and take Frigg down for good, Stu enlists the help of Ali Reynolds, a former Los Angeles news anchor turned amateur sleuth.

“His Risk” by Shelley Shepherd Gray, religious fiction. When a sibling's illness compels him to return to the Amish community he left at the age of 14, an undercover DEA agent falls for a skeptical Amish schoolteacher and worries in the face of a surge in criminal activity which his double life is putting everyone he loves at risk.

“Plum Tea Crazy” by Laura Childs, mystery/detective. When a banker believed to have died accidentally is discovered to have been hit by a crossbow, Theodosia is challenged to identify the killer among multiple suspects, including an estranged wife, a disgruntled co-worker and a real-estate partner. By the author of the Cackleberry Club mysteries.

“Red Alert” by James Patterson and Marshall Karp, mystery/detective. When a fundraiser involving New York's wealthy elite is targeted by a fatal blast, detectives Zack Jordan and Kylie MacDonald discover a link between the bombing and the murder of a high-profile woman filmmaker before realizing the bombers may be among the A-list guests they were hired to protect.

“Rising Sea” by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown-NUMA Files Series, book 15, action/adventure. Investigating an alarming rise in the world's sea levels, Kurt, Joe and the rest of the NUMA scientific team uncover a diabolical plot to upset the Pacific balance of power by triggering natural disasters to displace billions of people.

“River House” by Carla Neggers, romance. Hired to organize an entrepreneurial boot camp, a successful party planner reconnects with a childhood friend who has become a high-flying businessman and whose professional ambitions complicate their growing bond.

“Sweet Vengeance” by Fern Michaels, romance. Wrongly accused of murdering her husband and children, an innocent woman endures 10 years in prison before a technicality prompts a new trial which she prepares for by retreating to a small tropical island to gather information she hopes will lead to her exoneration.

“The Disappeared” by C.J. Box, suspense. Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett tackles two parallel cases involving the disappearance of a prominent British executive and a group of falconers who are being harassed by the feds, a double assignment which catches the attentions of a dangerous adversary.

“Truth or Dare” by Fern Michaels, suspense. After Joe Espinosa and his dog, Cyrus, discover three scared children alone in the woods off an isolated country road, the Men of the Sisterhood launch an investigation which produces shocking discoveries.

“James Patterson’s Murder Beyond the Grave” by James Patterson, true crime. A book released in conjunction with Discovery’s Murder is Forever television series features two true-crime thrillers from the prolific, best-selling author, including the tale of a man sealed in a box and two developers who run afoul of some California locals.

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