Justin Crume, 35, Stockton, faces a felony charge which potentially carries a 7-year sentence.

According to Cedar County prosecuting attorney Ty Gaither, Justin and Wyatt Crume, both of Stockton, have been formally charged for their respective parts in an incident which occurred on Stockton High School property near the end of a football practice Wednesday, Aug 14.

The Crumes are both alleged to have physically confronted and assaulted a student.

Justin Crume, father of Wyatt, also is said to have struck SHS football coach Travis Hurley on the back of the head with a football helmet.

Hurley was medically evaluated at a nearby hospital, released and present for teaching and coaching duties the following day.

“Based on a review of the evidence and the nature their individual actions, both the father and son were charged with acting in concert,” Gaither said.

Gaither additionally confirmed he has reviewed a probable cause statement received from the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office and reviewed video evidence provided by Stockton R-I administration.

Protection orders also are in place meaning neither Crume is allowed to contact or be within a specified distance of the alleged victim in the case.

The father, Justin, is currently out on a $5,000 bond, facing a 3rd degree felony assault charge which carries a maximum of seven years in prison and formally banned from all SHS properties and events; son Wyatt was served with a summons for his pending misdemeanor assault charge.

Gaither said his office was currently unaware of any prior criminal history for either of the defendants.

Gaither went on to confirm he will further engage with local law enforcement, witnesses and defense counsel as his office continues standard investigatory and prosecution protocol.

Both Crumes are currently being represented by attorney Jolene Simmons, Nevada.

The next scheduled court appearance for the case will be held Wednesday, Nov. 6, at the Cedar County Courthouse, located at 113 South St., Stockton.

Additional public information regarding the case can be found online at https://www.courts.mo.gov/.

As with any criminal proceeding, it should be remembered a charge is merely an accusation and all subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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