Sarah Bock

Sarah Bock, 31, candidate for the Stockton R-I Board of Education, is a Stockton native. She and her husband, Justin, have three daughters, including one who will start kindergarten next year. Bock and her husband are the owners of Sundaes Drive-in. They also are actively involved in their church and the Church on the Hill’s community outreach and children’s ministry.

Bock said she feels her attendance at Stockton schools for 12 years, and her work as a paraprofessional in the special education department for the district, prior to owning the restaurant, will benefit the community if she is elected.

“With the business we own, I deal with the students who are in our school district on a daily basis,” she said. “With my experience in dealing with the public, I hear and see the issues on an outside point of view.”

Bock said she decided to run for the board to make a difference.

“My oldest child will be going into school, and being from this school and graduating from here, I want my children to be proud to be from the Stockton district,” she said. “Although things change through the state and curriculum, the strength of our school and being proud to be from Stockton schools does not have to.”

Bock said she believes the four-day school week will be a dilemma throughout the year.

“There is going to have to be a middle ground put out there for the parents and the school district,” she said. “There are many hard feelings involved and as a community our children should be the absolute first priority. When children see things are divided, it becomes hard on everyone. Children are our future and will run the school as they see it has been run for them, when they get to the age of having children as well. Having a firm foundation for a child is the most important thing involved in any decision that is made by the school board.”

Bock said bullying is a big issue she hears about.

“I am not sure how all cases have been handled and have heard there have been many different ways they have been handled,” she said. “This is an issue that has, and will continue to be a battle. Each situation should be handled according to the situation, but results need to be seen by both parties.”

Bock said another issue talked about is common core and how its effecting the community.

Bock said overall the district is running things well without a hiccup from her outside point of view.

“I do not go on what I hear, but on what I learn to be the facts,” she said. “I want to get into office and help make a difference for our children, and to help the district run as smoothly as possible.”

However, Bock said there always is room for improvement.

“Being able to offer any option for our students to enhance their education and learning ability is always the main goal, or should be the main goal of our district,” she said.

If enrollment continues to decrease, Bock feels more research will be required to find a reason and a solution.

“I know some parents have gone to home schooling, private schools and also have moved,” she said. “I feel it’s the board’s responsibility to find out if these reasons are due to something that happened in the district, or just a personal decision. We owe our children these answers. The district in turn will have to evaluate the size of classes and make the changes needed.”

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