From left, city manager Bruce Rogers discusses the El Dorado Springs budget with councilmen Jimmy Luster, Nick Bland, Nathan Murrell and mayor pro tem Cory Gayman.

The El Dorado Springs city council passed a budget worth $9,057,128 for the 2019-20 fiscal year during its Monday, Oct. 7, meeting.

Mayor pro tem Cory Gayman and councilmen Jimmy Luster, Nick Bland and Nathan Murrell all voted in favor of the package as presented by city manager Bruce Rogers. Department allocations include $2,092,900 for the water/sewer fund, $4,995,160 for the electric fund, $527,530 for the recreation fund, $78,500 for the cemetery fund, $55,675 for the picnic fund, $54,400 for the band fund, $107,208 for economic development and $262,000 for capital improvement.

Luster complimented Rogers on submitting a balanced budget.

In other action, Rogers presented reports from the police and fire departments for September. There were a total of 484 police service calls during the month and eight fire calls.

Rogers also reminded the council of an existing sidewalk replacement program, where residents can request defective sidewalks near the property to be replaced by the city. The resident needs only to pay for the cost of the concrete. Rogers said this program is not widely known, and he plans to post an announcement on the city’s webpage.

Rogers also said a new taxi is set to be delivered to the city soon, and the police department has received a $4,214 grant to pay for maintenance of the department’s fingerprint system.

Openings for police officers remain and a seat on council is still unfilled. Gayman said an application for the seat vacated by former mayor Brad True may be filed in the near future.

Rogers and the council received a letter from Michael Dozler complimenting the police department and first-responders on their professionalism during a health incident involving his brother. Gayman and Luster agreed a letter of commendation should be drafted for the police department.

The next meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Monday, Oct. 23, at City Hall.

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