A woman from El Dorado Springs is facing a felony charge after allegedly assaulting a child in her home on Tuesday, July 28. 

According to online court records, Amanda Miller, 28, is charged with class D felony abuse or neglect of a child — no sexual contact in Cedar County Circuit Court. 

The probable cause statement said the El Dorado Springs Police Department was contacted by a Missouri Department of Social Services investigator, who said she contacted Miller and was allowed inside of the residence.

The investigator asked Miller if she knew why she was there, and in response, Miller pointed to the face of a three-year-old child sitting on the couch, who “had a bruise along her right eye,” the statement said. 

Miller allegedly told the investigator the victim “got into her Dr. Pepper, and she went to pop her in the mouth, but [the victim] moved and she hit [the victim’s] eye,” the statement said. 

A child physical abuse forensic examination report described the victim’s injuries of bruising in the face as also including bruising inside of the mouth. The victim’s bruising “with petechiae are much more common in inflicted injuries as opposed to accident bruising,” the statement said.

A warrant has been issued for Miller’s arrest. As of press time Tuesday, Sept. 15, no arrest has been made.  

If convicted of the class D felony, Miller faces one to seven years in prison, a year in county jail, up to $10,000 in fines, or by imprisonment and a fine. 

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