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Retiring R-II Superintendent Mark Koca, right, recognizes R-II board president Darrell Eason, who did not opt for reelection.  

A full crowd turned out to the El Dorado Springs R-II school board’s regular session on Thursday, June 11, as the board certified election results, motioned to disband the old board of education and swore in new board members.

R-II board president Darrell Eason was the first to be recognized during the session, with Koca giving a small speech to commemorate the new change of hands.

“I don’t know what to say about this guy — he’s obviously got a brain defect for staying on the board as long as he did,” R-II superintendent Mark Koca joked. “The board as a whole, I could not have asked for a better group of people to work with, and I’ve spent nine years working with Darrell as superintendent and him as a president.”

Koca said Eason had even-heeled, level-headed and smart decisions during his nine-year tenure as board president, before then presenting him with a celebratory plaque of recognition.

The board also recognized outgoing board member Terry Shepard, as well as recognizing retirees Linda Perrodin, Phil Martin, Jeanne Mark, Becky Cooper, Shana Newman, Tracy Lanser and Koca.

What will August look like? (bold, head)

Oncoming R-II superintendent Heath Oates spoke to the board about COVID-19 to let others know about what the district is thinking about for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. 

“If this is the reality we’re facing, then we have a duty to educate kids as much as we can,” Oates said. “We have a duty to educate them whether they’re in person or not.”

Oates said this summer, the district is working on three systems of education. The district may do a color-coded day system, more handwashing, but functionally having students at school is in the plan, he added.

One goal is to be able to educate every student online if needed, Oates said. 

Regarding the color-coded day system, Oates said on “yellow” days, there may be a required six-foot social distancing. 

“Logistically, how do you do that, and what do you do?” Oates said. “We’re trying to solve those problems now and get out in front of that … we’re going to plan and try some things.”

Oates said the district will try their best to do “green” days, because “we know how to do that, and that’s where we function and live.”

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