Kevin Costello will resign Wednesday, July 31, as administrator of Lake Stockton Healthcare Facility, according to a press release from Citizens Memorial Health Care Foundation dated Wednesday, July 17.

Costello has held his office for 30 years, according to the release. Daily operations will be managed by CMH administrative director Chris McBratney during the search for Costello’s replacement.

“Kevin’s leadership and genuine love for the residents is what has made Lake Stockton an outstanding facility,” Donald J. Babb, CEO/executive director of CMH and CMH Foundation, said in the press release. “The staff is committed to continuing that legacy of providing exceptional service and care, which is Lake Stockton’s hallmark of excellence. We can’t thank Kevin enough for his years of service to the residents and staff, and for being an integral part of the Stockton community for so many years.”

Costello is the key figure of an ongoing investigation by the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office. In the late hours of Sunday, May 26, Costello phoned a friend saying a person in a white vehicle was following him closely near the Stockton city limits and he intended to pull off the road to let the vehicle pass. An injured Costello later was found south of El Dorado Springs, the victim of an apparent assault and needing medical attention.

What happened in the interim remains a mystery, but a $2,500 reward has been offered for anyone with information regarding the case. Parties with information are asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 276-5133 or Crime Stoppers at (417) 876-8477.

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