Some would call the game a nail-biter. 

After battling it out practically neck-in-neck on the scoreboard, the Lady Tigers came out on top at their home game on Thursday, Feb. 6, beating the Butler Lady Bears by a final score of 47-43.

Not only was the game a nail-biter, but it was also a comeback: the Lady Tigers previously lost to the Bears — who currently hold a 15-5 season record — by another close final score of 29-33 during the Stockton Tournament in January. 

The first quarter of Thursday’s match saw Stockton shoot 14 points, one ahead of Butler’s 13. In the second quarter, Stockton’s defense picked up even more, allowing the Bears to score only 6 points as the Lady Tigers pushed through and scored 11 points by the halftime mark. 

Coming back from halftime, the Bears briefly took over the offensive momentum Stockton had held in the second quarter and ended the quarter with 13 points, while the Lady Tigers nabbed 8. 

Around 4:34 in the fourth quarter, the Lady Tigers were ahead by just 1 point at 39-38; a few moments later, a Lady Bear scored, bringing the Lady Tigers down by 2.

With 3 minutes left in the quarter, a 3-point shot brought the Lady Tigers back ahead at 42-41. The Lady Tigers then scored again, and two free throws by Lady Tiger Summer Kenney added to the final 47-43 win.

The win adds another mark of success for the team’s performance last week; the Lady Tigers also won 40-37 against the Greenfield Wildcats on Monday, Feb. 3. 

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