With a combined effort from the Council on Culture and Arts, the City Hall Art Gallery Program hosted its fourth quarter art gallery Thursday, Nov. 14, at Stockton City Hall.

COCA is a Stockton-based group which, as of this most-recent showing, has completed its third year of operation.

Initially starting with a small grant, COCA utilized  space at Stockton City Hall and secured LED track lighting,

The council focuses on all facets of local arts and its purpose is to create a versatile platform wherein local artists from all walks and mediums can receive continual public exposure and engage with the local community.

The spotlight on the recent gallery was focused on a group of artists who aptly dubbed themselves Uncommon Threads, as the group's chosen medium is fabric.

Hailing from the likes of Springfield, Stockton, Nixa, Morrisville, Eldon, Lake Ozark, Rogersville and Sunrise Beach, the group uses fabric and thread as its preferred medium to express and create countless quilts, uniquely-sewn pieces and fabric creations featuring a variety of topics, themes and subject matter.

Local artists in attendance displayed an array of personal creative works, most of which were available for purchase throughout the evening’s event.

In addition to dozens of custom fabric works, the quarterly gallery featured numerous offerings such as handcrafted jewelry of varying themes and occasional semiprecious stones, custom one-of-a-kind woodworkings and more.

“This is a way we provide ongoing visibility to local artists,” mayor Mary Norell said. “I'm very interested in the arts and there's so much unseen talent here. It's a great opportunity for the city to continue to promote shopping local and buying local, too.”

Dozens of community members and local art enthusiasts visited city hall throughout the evening as artists visited with COCA members and spent time explaining the creative aspects and special details of their respective pieces on display to inquisitive event-goers.

COCA will host another gallery after the first of the year and a formal date will be announced when the next gallery is coordinated with additional artists from the greater Ozarks region.

The events also emphasize shopping locally and items to fit essentially any budget are typically available.

Quarterly art gallery showcases are hosted at Stockton City Hall and are free to attend.

Interested parties may contact city hall at 276-5210 for future events and additional gallery details.

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