Just a short drive from neighboring Cedar County, Nevada Regional Medical Center offers modern hospital convenience in a welcoming, professional environment to those seeking medical care while avoiding going to a larger metropolitan area. 


Nevada Regional Medical Center offers an expansive array of medical services and provides medical care to thousands of residents from Cedar, Barton and surrounding counties.

Since 1937, NRMC has been providing a plethora of modern medical services with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, coupled with a growing staff of board-certified medical professionals. 

Recently speaking with NRMC’s community relations and foundation manager Natalie Eberhard, a more complete look into NRMC’s regular operations shows how the longtime community pillar has managed continual growth during the COVID-19 situation. 

Given the current social distancing recommendations, a number of regular office visits and follow-ups can be done electronically, as well. 

“A good portion of regular visits and some post-care can be done virtually right now using the Zoom platform,” Eberhard said. “If anyone has health or wellbeing concerns, we’re encouraging them to call ahead to the specific clinic or office they are scheduled to visit. In a lot of those instances, we can either arrange something via video conference or staff can even come to them in their vehicle outside.” Curbside services can be available upon request for many basic hospital services, too — weather permitting. 

Currently, the hospital’s annual gala has been postponed, but this has not prevented the hospital’s foundation from getting creative with its ongoing fundraising efforts.

Despite the gala being situationally halted, the hospital’s foundation currently is hosting an online auction featuring numerous vacation travel packages, art, home décor, local services and personal items — all of which go to further the foundation’s philanthropic support of the hospital and surrounding community.

“The foundation helps raise funds for things the hospital does not include in annual budgets,” Eberhard said. “For instance, it raises funds to create grants for things like mammograms or screenings qualifying patients might otherwise be unable to afford.”

Located in Nevada, the medical center offers expansive services, from the likes of imaging and radiology, to labor and delivery suites, behavioral health, 24/7 emergency room capabilities, surgeries, oncology, urology, psychiatry and life-flight capabilities for rapid air transportation.

“We’re centrally located and we serve patients from a number of larger areas who don’t have the need or ability to travel too far for medical services,” Eberhard said.  “Our motto is ‘quality healthcare close to home’ and we truly are the place where quality healthcare and convenience meet.”

Located at 800 S. Ash St., Nevada, the growing hospital serves the Nevada community and surrounding areas as it continues to be a reliable healthcare resource to residents throughout the Ozarks. 

The hospital’s board of directors meets the last Tuesday of each month and the meetings remain open to the public.


Natalie Eberhard, Nevada Regional Medical Center’s community relations manager and foundation manager, shares a moment of professional pride at the centrally located medical facility in Nevada. 

Additional information regarding the organization’s activities and services, as well as virtual visit options, physician listings, appointment scheduling, outreach programs, along with online bill pay and a patient portal can be utilized by visiting nrmchealth.com. 

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