With a full agenda ahead and much to accomplish as winter weather still complicates a number of outdoor plans, the Stockton aldermen held its first meeting of the month at 4:30 p.m. Monday, February 10, at Stockton City Hall. 

After an invocation from alderman Barbara Pate, the agenda, previous meeting’s minutes and bills all were approved. 

In discussing old business, city building inspector/code enforcer John Wilson said a traffic specialist with the Missouri Department of Transportation had said there was likely no pending issue with signage being installed on Mo. 32 and Fourth St. in relation to attempting to direct industrial truck traffic. 

Wilson said he will confirm with the board when he receives complete confirmation from MoDOT and the city can move ahead with proper truck route signs to alleviate commercial traffic confusion in the area. 

In hearing from appointed boards, the park board Recommended approving $385 in electrical upgrades to the lower level of the Community Building, as well as a $900 service upgrade to electrical connections at the western end of the park itself.  

Both items fall within the budgeted electrical pairs for the year and the recommendation was motioned and approved unanimously. 

Mayor Mary Norell said the cemetery board meets Tuesday, February 11, and will convey the  respective board’s efforts at the next aldermen meeting. 

Alderman Mary Anne Manring noted the recurring absence of a law enforcement liaison and the city will confirm a deputy’s availability for the next meeting. 

Pepper Burns was present on behalf of the airport board to discuss the recent activity and construction progress on the nearly-completed hangar occupied by The Dam Skydivers. 

The new construction’s heating and air conditioning system is a 110v unit and will not require a second electrical meter, according to both Wilson and public works supervisor Raymond Heryford. 

Burns also said the board will invite the new skydiving owners to the next meeting to confirm some operational details, pilot quarters use and guidelines for public presence at the facility during busier times of the year.

The mayor and aldermen collectively voiced their appreciation of the new building and growing skydiving business and noted it as a welcome addition as a lake-area attraction.  

Norell and the aldermen thanked Burns for his presence and communication from the airport board; Burns reciprocated and conveyed his appreciation for the board’s time and consideration. 

As discussed in last month’s meeting a tentative reading for a an ordinance was to be read in regard to banning the use of metal shipping containers as permanent storage, but was tabled after some brief discussions on the linguistic specifics. 

“Given what has been brought up, let’s hold off on this and revisit the issue next meeting,” Norell said. 

Norell asked all aldermen to review the bill individually, make potential changes and the board will reassess the matter next meeting. 

Public works supervisor Raymond Heryford shared inspections will begin Tuesday, Feb. 11, for roadway repair 

“This is incredibly important,” Norell said. “We’ve got to use every cent we’ve allocated to these repairs as effectively and efficiently as possible as we continue replacing and repairing our city’s streets.”

Norell said the city will take the recommendations from the assessments under advisement, solicit multiple repair bids, evaluate how to strategically implement repair and replacement plans in a fiscally-sound way to maximize the amount of repair work within the budgeted amount for the coming year. 

“We need to get on this and I know we all agree that, when the weather allows, we’ve got to get started repairing a number of these [streets]. It’s budgeted for and I want to see us make the most of those road funds.”

Project evaluations for repair work will primarily focus on portions of Brown, Lake, and Elm Streets, along with Third St. and Surf St., respectively. 

Mayor Norell also shared the Complete Streets effort will get underway as temperatures and weather cooperate. 

The effort — provided by grant funding, not tax-paid city operating fund — will provide signage for shared roadways utilized by motorized vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, as well road paint and lane markers for new crosswalk and traveling areas.

Norell said the undertaking looks to connect to trails at Stockton Lake, as well as potentially develop a biking/pedestrian path to Bolivar. 

Moving towards the meeting’s end, aldermen also unanimously approved the installation of a secondary exit adjacent to the vault in the eastern portion of city hall, allowing for clearer and direct paths of exit in the event of an emergency. 

Plans are also in the works for new security cameras to be installed at the city’s recycling facility as well as in new portions of the city park — which will increase the city’s visibility while adding an increased measure of security to city facilities. 

With nothing further to discuss, open session adjourned just after 6 p.m. and no closed session was necessary. 

Stockton aldermen meet 4:30 p.m., the second and fourth Monday of each month at Stockton City Hall. Meetings are open to the public and interested community members are encouraged to attend. 

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