Board members, city employees and Sertoma Club members examine the location for a proposed bridge spanning Stockton branch.

City of Stockton mayor Patty Thompson, alderwomen Barbara Pate and Carla Page, and aldermen Greg Fidler and Gary Johnson met Tuesday, June 9, for an emergency meeting in the city park to see first-hand where a donated bridge should be placed.

Also present were city superintendent Raymond Heryford, building inspector/code enforcer Brandon Cahill and members of the Lake Stockton Sertoma Club.

The bridge will span Stockton branch and connect the west Walnut Street parking area to the west end of the park, Heryford said.

The bridge, and all costs associated with its installation, is being donated by Bountiful Enterprises of Stockton, Sertoma Club president John Baxter said.

“We’re very grateful to Tommy Zitting and Bountiful Enterprises for this gift to the city,” Baxter said, “The bridge will allow us (Sertoma Club) to expand the (black walnut) festival in the way we envision.”

The bridge, in conjunction with the closure of west Walnut street during the festival, will provide much needed, new space for vendors to set up, Baxter said.

“I really like the idea of closing west Walnut to provide room for expanding the festival,” Page said.

The board approved the Sertoma Club to move forward with the engineering for the bridge, and to begin soliciting bids for its placement in the park.

The board also approved the closure of west Walnut street and redirecting traffic on High Street for the duration of the festival.

In other business, the board approved the city to lease, for one week, a tractor and brush hog to mow the airport and certain other areas in the city. The next regular meeting is 6 p.m. Monday, June 22, at city hall.

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