Erich Arvidson, candidate for Congress

Pledges to stand up for working families, revitalize communities

Erich Arvidson, a Democrat and loan officer, announced Monday, July 29, he is running for Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District against Republican incumbent Vicky Hartzler.

Arvidson said his campaign will focus on rebuilding rural communities and improving the lives of working Missourians and their families. He supports expanding Medicare and Medicaid and will push legislation to bring 21st Century job training, infrastructure improvements, educational investment and labor protections to the district and its working families.

“I'm going to fight to bring investment back to rural Missouri, to make corporations pay the taxes they owe our communities, and to ensure that all Missourians have access to affordable health care,” Arvidson said. “It's time that we have a representative who shows up for more than just a quick picture. We need someone to do the hard work and invest in our rural communities.”

The son of a waitress and a part-time mechanic, Arvidson grew up in Delta, a small town in southeastern Missouri. Part of what drove him to run for Congress was watching his hometown wither as investment and economic opportunities dried up. Today, Arvidson lives outside Boonville with his wife, daughter, and younger brother who has Down syndrome.

“Our small family farms throughout rural Missouri have been struggling for decades under the weight of bad federal policies benefiting big corporate agribusiness and kill our small-town way of life because of politicians like my opponent, who relies on big-money donors and has passed laws paying herself hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal subsidies since she was elected,” Arvidson said.

Arvidson recently volunteered with the successful tax levy campaign giving a raise to Boonville teachers and helped with sandbagging efforts up and down the Missouri River. He plans to be a different type of Congressional candidate, engaging voters through service projects instead of coffees and fundraiser dinners.

“I'll be coming with work gloves, not a camera,” Arvidson said. “The hardworking people of the Fourth District need someone who will deliver for them instead of pushing policies that hurt working families, seniors and our rural schools.”

Follow Arvidson’s campaign at ericharvidson.com, on Facebook and on Twitter @ericharvidson.

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