With the coronavirus’ impact seen across the globe to different extremes and varying levels of communal reaction, one local couple took it upon themselves to show support and honor those who passed away from the novel virus in a unique, individualized way. 

In rural Stockton, just off of Mo. 215, Wes and Earline Putnam erected an ornamental lighthouse with a special purpose.

Over the past winter, Wes built two near-matching lighthouses on a 15-foot scale with help from family friend, Gary Klint. 

With a chuckle, Wes said the idea started from “having nothing to do over the winter” and his wife, Earline, had always wanted an ornamental lighthouse. 

Putting his craftsmanship to use — and scoring a few points with his better half in the process — Wes completed two lighthouses as the Ozarks’ weather changed to spring.

Upon completion, the Putnam’s selected a place in their yard to install the ornamental addition The lighthouse also features a realistic rotating beacon light and ground-based illumination, making it a stand-out piece of the Putnam’s landscaped backyard.

“After Wes built this and we were placing it, I really thought dedicating it to something made it mean more,” Earline said. “After talking to a few people and some friends, we decided dedicating this [lighthouse] in honor of those who passed away from COVID[-19] was a special way to remember the impact of this whole thing.”

Klint, the Putnam’s family friend, has a similar lighthouse on his property, meaning two of these custom pieces have found their home adjacent to different portions of Stockton Lake

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