More weeds are invading our pastures and reducing available acres for cattle to graze. This can lead to reduced pasture utilization and reduced profit potential of the cattle operation.  “Reducing weeds in pastures increases grazable acres for cattle which should improve pasture utilization and profit potential for the cattle operation,” Patrick Davis, regional MU Extension livestock field specialist, said. “Also, profit potential can be improved by better cattle grazing management and incorporation of forages to extend pasture grazing through the fall and winter.”

University of Missouri Extension will provide a pasture and forage management workshop at 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 16, at the Vernon County Youth Fairgrounds Centennial Hall, 1488 E. Ashland St., Nevada.

MU Extension speakers include Pat Miller, regional agronomy field specialist, discussing pasture weed control and improvement; and Davis, discussing forage alternatives to extend the cattle grazing season.

Cost of the workshop is $10 per person. Registration and payment for the workshop must be sent by Thursday, Aug. 15, to the Vernon County MU Extension Center, 100 W. Cherry St., Vernon County Courthouse, Nevada, MO 64772. For questions or more information, contact the Vernon County MU Extension Center at (417) 448-2560 or Davis by e-mail at

Contact us immediately if you need accommodations because of a disability, need to relay emergency medical information or need special arrangements if the building is evacuated. 

More information on how to improve your grasslands is available at

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