A lively child skips to and fro.

It takes me back to years ago,

When I was young, without a care,

But, Mother's love was always there.

Mother's love was never far.

With hand caught in the cookie jar,

Her love would scold and pull it out,

As my face would frown and tears would spout.

Mother's love took many turns.

It nursed me through the scrapes and burns,

And wiped away those tears of fright

That found me in the dead of night.

It was Mother's love that taught me love;

Her life an example inspired from above.

She set the tone to see me through,

"Do unto others as you would have them do."

Mother's love is a memory now,

Though it never dims or grows faint somehow.

A beacon of light through dark skies or fair,

Mother's love was always there.

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