From left, Ginnese and Samuel Oglesby, enjoy a warm moment together as the couple explains how and why they operate on a faith-based platform and will always be a non-profit organization. 

A Stockton area ministry and primitive skills camp and retreat has been put on the map by one of today’s most popular weekday’s TV shows, Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue.  

Enter Ginnese and Samuel Oglesby, a recently married couple who own and operate Camp Hinneah — a multifaceted faith-based retreat focusing on education and individualized personal healing.  

Combining spirituality coupled with natural and primitive practices, the Stockton duo utilizes faith and earth-based principles in countless ways to educate, enlighten and reconnect people with basic spirituality and natural living, harvesting and farming practices.

Comfortably nestled on 40 acres in eastern Cedar County, the couple said their combined operation offers a number of primitive, traditional, minimalist, survival and natural ways to live from and off of the land while maintaining a theme of Christian-centered faith.

Ginnese focuses much of her energy on her ministry aptly named “Chic In The Woods” while Samuel puts much of his energy into his side of the ministry dubbed “Warriors Within,” which takes its name from one of his favorite motivational scriptures in the New Testament, 2 Timothy 1:6.

After reaching out to the internationally-known Raney family — stars of the popular TV show Homestead Rescue — the Oglesbys received a personal response from Discovery Channel production team members and swiftly found themselves selected as one of the featured working visits for a full one-hour episode in the season six lineup.

Moving ahead, the couple said they were blessed with a hard-working visit from Marty, Matt and Misty Raney, along with a Discovery Channel crew and a couple dozen local volunteers for more than a week’s time wherein numerus improvements, repairs and additions were made to benefit and expand the Oglesby’s budding ministry.

Though much of the work’s specifics cannot be discussed or divulged until after the episode initially airs, the Oglesbys said the Raney family, support crew and local help was one of the biggest blessings the have received.

“The Raneys’ work ethic, their crew and our friends and community members who volunteered all made this one of the biggest blessings of our lives,” Ginnese said of the experience. “We’re blessed beyond words and this is an amazing step toward our healing future here.”

The couple’s growing operation can be visited online at www.chicinthewoods.com or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/chicinthewoodsstockton.

The Oglesbys welcome inquires of any kind and encourage those with questions to reach out to them via either medium and confirmed they will continually update their social media and online offerings as the operation continues to grow.

In adhering to confidentiality and production agreements, an additional in-depth local feature will follow after the episode’s premiere has been broadcast to more than 100 English-speaking countries across the globe the evening of Wednesday, Feb. 13. Check your local cable, satellite or TV service provider’s guide for specific air times of the Oglesbys’ featured episode.

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