The Little Free Library at El Dorado Springs Community Garden.

The El Dorado Springs Community Garden now has a message and library center in the form of a Little Free Library, a beautiful and useful addition to the garden. Little Free Libraries can be seen in many areas of the world and there are even a few in Cedar County.

The idea behind these little houses on a stand is to have a place for individuals to exchange reading materials. In effect, books are placed inside the structure for others to select from the choices. Then one can leave books already read in place of ones taken.

For the garden, this Little Free Library will contain notices about the garden and current or future happenings, gardening magazines and catalogs, as well as gardening books and novels. The garden volunteers wish to share as much information about gardening as possible and encourage all who are interested in gardening to take from the Little Free Library whatever they wish, without having to return or leave anything to replace what is taken. The Little Free Library is seen, too, as an avenue to encourage everyone to read and to visit the John D. Smith Library, 808 S. Main.

Check out our Little Free Library House at the entrance to The Garden on Fields Blvd. It has a red roof and is painted in ecru with moss green trim. The Library House was commissioned by Jeana Ochsner as a gift to her mother, Sharon West Lansing, director of the Community Garden, and built by Matt Deschane. Lansing also will serve as the steward of the Little Free Library. It is a truly lovely addition to The Garden and will prove helpful in keeping the community informed about all things “garden” as well as providing reading material.

Lansing is director of the El Dorado Springs Community Garden.

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