The Cedar County Extension Office of the University of Missouri offered a unique alternative to traditional Memorial Day weekend activities in the form of its first ever barn quilt workshop Saturday, May 25, at the Stockton Community Building.

For those not in-the-know, barn quilts are a traditional, iconic piece of ornamental farm decor which also serve a practical purpose on countless barns throughout America’s farmlands.

Seeing an opportunity and wanting to put some professional effort into reviving the longstanding tradition of barn quilts, county engagement specialist Tammy Ikerd organized, promoted and put on the county’s first event of its kind.

Ikerd said the effort was multifaceted and hopes this stimulates research into the history of barn quilts, why they are re-popularizing and spurs creative participation from a growing number of local artists and or farms.

“This is just a small part of my role as a county engagement specialist here,” Ikerd said. “There’s opportunity here from a number of angles and we want this to be something that continues the growing barn quilt trend throughout the Midwest.”

Ikerd went on to explain barn quilt tours are a growing in both quantity and participation and said the possibilities to mix local business involvement, cross-promotional efforts and different facets of agritourism into a regional tour is something she wants to work with the city of Stockton, El Dorado Springs and Cedar County in the near future.

For more information on the next barn quilt event or additional extension office services, Ikerd encouraged interested parties to call the Cedar County extension office at 276-3313 or by visiting the extension office’s Facebook page.

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