Stockton Schools music director, scout leader

•Tell us about your family: “There’s my wife, Mary Anne. We have two kids, Liz and Lucas, then Nilla the dog and Crash the cat.”

•Hometown: “Albany, Missouri. I’ve been a Missouri boy all my life.”

•Who’s your favorite author? “Kurt Vonnegut. Most of the stuff he wrote in the 60s and 70s is coming true. And, that’s not necessarily a good thing.”

•What’s one thing about you most people don’t know? “I’m a 10-gallon blood donor.”

•What person in history would you like to spend an afternoon with? “Harry Truman. I’d love to get a more in-depth feel for his perspectives on wartime decisions.”

•Bad habit you’re notorious for? “Uh, it might be procrastination. I’ll get back to you on that.”

•Favorite thing about living in Cedar County? “The wide variety of people who have come here over the years. We have so much music here, it’s amazing. There’s probably more music here than almost anywhere else in the state.”

•Why do you do what you do? “I can only steal a quote here from Michigan University band director Bill Revelli. He said, ‘I teach people. Band is just how I do it.’”

•Why is your line of work important? “Teaching, educating and band are just what I was drawn to from an incredibly young age. And, over the years, teaching here as long as I have has allowed me to give generations a commonality they can share.”

•What is one thing you’d like to see added to the Stockton area? "I think we as a community need to look at some sort of industry. We should be looking at what technology is coming down the line and focus on something there. I’d like to continue to see more kids graduate and stay here locally."

•What’s the best advice you were given growing up? "My Dad, who was from the depression-era, always said, ‘Don’t go into debt.’ I haven’t taken it too seriously, but it’s great advice.”

•Republican, Democrat or undecided? “Well, I’m progressive, but I’ll always keep an open mind and listen to anyone with ideas.”

•What’s your number one bucket list item? “I’ve actually crossed a few off already. But, I’d love to go down the French coast and see the Utah Beach and D-Day memorials.”

•Favorite superhero: “I guess Iron Man is at the top of the list. Reading the comics for years as a kid, I have to say Iron Man. Captain America can only fight Red Skull so many times.”

•One piece of advice you’d give today’s youth: “Get all the experience you can. During my school years, I was an FFA president, went all the way through scouting, played football, was involved with student council and was even a fry cook at a diner. A variety of experiences and being involved with as many people as possible will teach you to value people and opinions.”

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