The 64th annual Beydler reunion was held Sunday, June 23, at the Lions Club in El Dorado Springs. There was a carry-in lunch enjoyed by 41 members of the descendants of Craften and Eliza Beydler, who settled in Jerico Springs.

The oldest member present was Virginia Beydler, 97 years old.

Attending were Joyce Stewart, Nancy Dissler, Rick and Colleen Coale, Greg and Myrna Beydler, Howard and Nina Gilpin, Darren, Janna, Lainey and Kole Dody, El Dorado Springs; David and Cherrie Lewis and Malachi Lewis, Jerico Springs; Steve and Leila Slinker, Lamar; Linda Baccus, and Tom, Lesa, Declan and Jaxon Claypool, Nevada; Virginia Beydler, Dale and Lynette Brown, Raymore; Barbara Godley, Janice Beydler and Joan Beydler, Independence; Andrew Brown, Kansas City; Richard and Christine Beydler, Stotts City; Rayma Baker, Peculiar; Brendan Roberts and Zachery Stewart, Bolivar; Cathy Wilkerson, Greenfield; Carol O’Brien, Marti Davis and Randy Beydler, Springfield; Dwight Beydler, Oak Grove; and John Beydler, Davenport, Iowa.

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