The Shady Hill Club met at Carolyn Mershon's home, where we had our Christmas party. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, each dish prepared by our members. We also enjoyed several yummy deserts.

After lunch and fellowship, president Nora Garver called our meeting to order. It started

with devotion given by Clark Mershon, who gave a bit of history on our club, like when and why we started it in 1949 and what it stands for. His devotion was titled. “The true meaning of Christmas.” He told us how every morning he starts off with the phase, “The Lord is my Shepherd." What a wonderful way to start the day off.

We then were treated to a recording by Paul Harvey, a radio personality back when T.V. wasn't so available to most people. Harvey told stories which almost always carried a meaning behind them. The recording we listened to was titled “The Christmas Birds,” recorded in 1965. Yes, it too had a meaning behind it. If you ever get a chance to listen to it, please do and see what meaning you get from it. We think you'll enjoy it. We all most certainly did.

Our visitors this month were Clark, Karen, and Ward Mershon, Ken Potts and Don Reed.

Our roll call for this month was exchanging Christmas socks, surprising each member with what we stuffed in each pair of socks. We had fun watching each one showing off what was stuffed in each pair of socks. What a treat!

We also love to surprise someone with a Christmas gift. This year we surprised Laura Hake and family with a gift card to Bass Pro Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium and wildlife museum. Now the whole family will be able to go and enjoy a wonderful, fun day out, all together.

Judy Nichols thanked all the members for the donation to the Cedar County Historical Museum in Stockton where we held last month's meeting. We closed our meeting with a prayer by Garver. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas!

We will meet next month at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020, at Humansville Senior center. The devotional will be given by Charlotte Bays.

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