The 18th edition of the Cedar Bowl game saw mercurial efforts from all players on the field, but ultimately showed the dogpound had its Bulldogs sniffing and running for the win at El Dorado Springs on Friday, Aug. 28. 

Bulldogs showed momentum early in the game; during first quarter, with no points yet on the scoreboard, El Do quarterback senior Clayton Collins threw the first catch of the season to senior Ian Esry, sending their team up to the fourth yard line. Sophomore Alex Horton then brought a touchdown to the house, followed by senior Gaven Morgan’s two-point conversion.

Following the touchdown, the Tigers came through in their prowl as sophomore Beaux Brogdon caught the Bulldogs’ kickoff a hair past the 35-yard line. Tiger senior Tate Wheeler brought the ball to midfield. After several more drives down the field, a turnover at the 16-yard line brought the ball back to the Bulldogs’ paws. 

The second quarter saw the Bulldogs bring in more points for the house. Senior Preston Robinson reigned in a touchdown, managing to pull the ball in after it bobbled. Tiger Judd Loyd broke up the two-point conversion. The Tigers proved their defensive skillsets by pushing back on the Bulldogs during mid-second quarter. 

Once the ball was back in the Tigers’ claws, with just around four minutes left on the clock, Colvin found a hole in the Bulldogs’ defense and sprinted across the field, managing to go in for a touchdown and making the two-point conversion, which brought the score up to 8-14. 

The Tigers brought down pressure on Collins, but he managed to throw a pass to Morgan, who sprinted down the field for another touchdown. The Bulldogs came through with the two-point conversion.

With around two minutes left before the half, Colvin found senior Dyllan Bays open and threw him a long pass; Bays sprinted downfield to the endzone with defenders not even in arm’s reach. Bulldog senior Blake Johnson blocked the two-point conversion. 

At around 52 seconds were left before the half, a long pass to a Tigers receiver was intercepted in the endzone by Ezry. 

In the third quarter,  Horton and Morgan brought touchdowns to the house, bringing the score up to 38-14. A pass to Wheeler added another touchdown for the Tigers with 2:10 minutes left in the quarter. Wheeler also came through with  the two-point conversion, nudging the score up to 38-22. 

In the fourth quarter, Collins threw to Ezra for another touchdown on the house, bringing the dogpound up to 44 points. A final Tigers touchdown by sophomore Jay Baxter ended the game’s final score at 44-28. 

The Tigers play at Skyline on Friday, Sept. 4, and the Bulldogs play against Clever for another home game on Friday, Sept. 4. 

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