Becky McConnaughey. Yes.

Marsha Swadley. Yes.

Amber Strauch. Yes.

Jan Cross. Yes.

Diane Snow. Yes.

Georgetta Branstetter. No, I think it should be a choice. 

Alissa Picard. No, I don’t I want to wear a face mask everywhere I go. 

Kristy Beisley. No. 

Kelli Johnston. No. 

Nichole Red Marshall. No. 

Michell Burton. No. 

Amber White. Nope.

Amber Gadea. Yes.

Kathie Covell. Yes. 

John Misty. No.

Jeff Ervin. No.

Piper C. Counts. No. 

Jason Parrotte. No. 

Robin M. Mooney. Yes.

Haley Bonnett. Yes.

Dana Katherine Lee Thornhill. No, I already have to wear one at work all day and it’s miserable. I can’t breathe with it on. It should be a choice.

Sandra Carrow-Winston. Yes. 

Kelly Winder. Probably not. 

Sandy Le Page Ferraccio. No. 

Dillon Elliston. Nope.

Rebecca Jameson. YES. I already wear one in public, so guess it'll just become part of my wardrobe. At least I don't have to worry about my make-up now!!!

Zig Craig Zander. I do wear one already. To maybe keep someone from getting sick or dying. Why not? 

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