Cedar County Extension will host the last Cedar County Barn Quilt workshop for painted barn quilts, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Liston Center, 508 N. Main in El Dorado Springs. This will be the last workshop held in Cedar County before they move on to Vernon and Bates counties over the fall and winter months.

Participants should bring the desired size of signboard or plywood (1/2-inch thick) with two coats of primer, containers for extra paint and if possible an extension cord with hairdryer to assist in drying time. Based on the complexity of the pattern and drying time, it can difficult to complete the barn quilt in our allotted time, so it’s important to bring the containers for paint needed to complete your project. Pencils, brushes, paint and tape will all be provided. 

Remember barn quilts are not just for barns. Smaller barn quilts such as a 2-by-2 foot may be placed on the outside of homes, garages or shop buildings, businesses or churches. Use a variety of similar pattern on 12-by-12 inch boards, found in most craft sections, to create a unique primitive wall gallery in an interior wall in your home. The possibilities are endless for this distinctive piece of art.
For more information on the Barn Quilt Project, contact the Cedar County MU Extension Center at 276-3313 or by e-mail at ikerdt@missouri.edu

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