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Camp Galilee staff visit HaHa Tonka state park for a bonding trip. From left, are Hannah Bruggeman, Andrew Gasaway, Katie Bruggeman, Nellie Vansant, Joyce Jurgensmeyer, Chaney Housh and Jalen Supancic.

El Dorado Springs’ Camp Galilee has had a busy summer of camp activity and will open the 2018-19 school year with a homeschool music fest Friday-Sunday, Aug. 24-26.

The event will promote and feature music made by home-schooled youngsters or families of those who are home schooled.

The two featured bands are The Paul Family from Trout Creek, Michigan, who play bluegrass and gospel bluegrass, and the Farnum Family Band, a gospel bluegrass band from Galena.

All current homeschoolers, homeschool parents and grandparents, and homeschool graduates are invited. Guests of attendees and friends do not need to be homeschoolers, but in general, anyone staying overnight at Camp Galilee should be. Exceptions may be requested by contacting camp officials.

For detailed information visit the home and FAQ pages of the festival’s website,, call (417) 876-7490 or go to the camp’s website,

The summer camp season, which went from late May into August, was busy, and camp director Katrina Herschberger said seven summer staffers were hired to maintain the facility and work with and for those who stayed at the camp.

This summer the camp was used by religious organizations, scouts and youngsters of all ages, from children in grades as low as first and kindergarten up to high school.

There were church camps, horse riding camps, football camps, school camps, traditional outdoor camps and the All Because Love Exists camp for youngsters with disabilities.

Future events include the annual Camp Galilee Reunion, 1-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20; autumn hayrides from Oct. 14-Nov. 17; a day of prayer, Nov. 30; and a Christmas celebration, Lights of Galilee, from 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m., Dec. 7-8.

Additionally, cabins and grounds still can be rented for the fall and early Christmas season for wedding and receptions, parties, retreats and reunions.

Anyone who wants information about the camp, its grounds and amenities should call (816) 914-6966.

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Bobo Smithson

Folk and bluegrass are great. I am an older guy and have seen that so very many home-educated youth have focused and competent skills, better than average. It is no wonder that more people worldwide are moving to free, independent, parent-led home-based education. The homeschool movement is a re-birth of a millennia-old practice -- parent-led, home-based education. Parents and their freely-chosen associations (e.g., friends, co-ops, soccer coaches, dance teachers, scout troops) get to lead children’s education and not hand them over to government indoctrination. Thirty-five years of research show the very positive benefits of homeschooling, both academically, socially, and into adulthood. Parent-led home-based education also keeps students safer from psychological, sexual, and physical abuse by school personnel, bullying, and sexual and physical violence by other students. Rather than allow the government/state to teach, train, and indoctrinate children, parents take on the responsibility of guiding their children in values and ideas and interacting with other children and adults. A review of peer-reviewed research studies in a peer-reviewed journal by Dr. Brian Ray shows that the home-educated do as well or better than the institutional school norm, on average, period on this page

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