The first meeting of our new year was Monday, Sept. 9, hosted by Sheryl Henry and Sue Jones with 11 members present. Our August meeting was our brunch hosted by Kay Sewell. The meeting was called to order by president Jean Wernal. The minutes and treasurer’s report were read followed by the committee report.

Unfinished business was a review of the club’s trip last May. New business was a discussion on projects to which we contribute.

The opinion was given by Evelyn Boyles, who reported on an article entitled “Chicken War,” in which Chick-Fil-A and Popeye claim their chicken sandwich is best. The group agreed both were good.

Entertainment was provided by Sandi Eaves, who gave the view of late comedian George Carlin on aging. The only time in your life when you want to get old is when you are a kid. When you get in your teens the important number is 16, then the greatest day of your life is 21. You become 21, turn 30, push 40, reach 50 and make 60. You hit 70 and 80, then start to go backward at 90. If you make it to 100, you become a kid again.

Georgia Detwiler gave the program on the history of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. She displayed her grandmother’s book along with later editions and the new 75th anniversary edition. The first edition was in 1930 and each new book afterward included different recipes, cooking ideas and ways to prepare food and entertain.

The meeting was adjourned to enjoy refreshments.

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