The Shady Hills club met Wednesday, April 10, at Peggy Reed's home. We enjoyed a delicious meal of baked ham with pineapple and several side dishes some brought by our members plus so many fantastic desserts we indulged in. After filling up past our limit, we got down to club business.

Our roll call was answered by Charlotte Bays, Nora Garver, Winnie Lira, Carloyn Mershon, Beverly Myers, Judy Nichols, Shirley Potts and Reed. We discussed our photo album and plans to get them labeled with names identifying who are in the pictures so albums will be enjoyed for years to come.

Our devotional was given by Reed reading an article, The Best is Yet is to Come. Nichols read an article on What is the meaning of BC and AD? and What does BCE and CE mean? You can find this article on the internet. We didn't agree with it completely. Please read it. You be the judge for yourself.

Our report on absent members was discussed.  Bays volunteered to go by Northwood Hills Nursing Home to visit Mary Hughes and deliver flowers and a card signed by our members. Nichols called to check on Lois Coffin. We miss her and it seems she's having problems with squirrels in her flower garden. We hope the squirrels are under control now. Reed and Nora checked on Janet Hensley. We pray she'll be back next month, good as new. 

Potts gave the treasurer’s report. It appears we're in good shape. We adjourned our meeting and said our good-byes. 

Next month’s devotional will be given by Bays. Our visitors were Don Reed, Charles Bays and Ken Potts. Next month's meeting will be 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 8, at Humansville Senior Center.

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