We had two KOPS and nine TOPS weigh in at our Tuesday, Oct. 15, meeting. Alissa was our best loser. Alma won the popsicle contest and Sharon won the lose-to-win contest. We signed birthday cards for Jean and Ella. We didn't do exercises because Lynette was gone. Melissa was going to show us how to do chair yoga but hurt herself again (Bubble wrap! Just sayin’!).

Thought for the week: Change your mind, change your body.

We had three KOPS and eight TOPS weigh in Tuesday, Oct. 22. Marci was our best loser. No winner on the popsicle contest and Katy C. won the win-to-lose contest. We got to do some stretches and exercises with Lynette. We talked about some options for a new contest.

Thought for the week: The groundwork of all happiness is health.

We had 3 kops and 10 tops weigh in Tuesday, Oct. 29. Melissa was our best loser. Kathy B. won the popsicle contest and Maddie won the lose-to-win contest. Terrisha gave a great program on what to eat or avoid to help with some different pains and inflammation in the body. We decided on a new contest to start this week. 

Thought for the week: Don't work out because you hate your body. Work out because you love it.

Would you like to see what TOPS has to offer you, or just want to get some support during your weight loss journey? Come join us at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Freewill Baptist Church on RB Road in the basement. We hope to see you there.

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