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STATEMENT OFOWNERSHIP This is the Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation as required by Act of Congress of Aug. 12, 1970, of the Cedar County Republican & Stockton Journal, published Weekly at Stockton, MO. This statement contains the information provided from the USPS 3526, which was submitted to the Postmaster at Stockton, MO., on 9/14/2022 The PUBLISHER of the Cedar County Republican & Stockton Journal is Deanna Moore, 335 S. Springfield Ave, P.O. Box 330, Bolivar, MO 65613-0330. The editor is Kathryn Skopec, 26 Public Square, P.O. Box 1018, Stockton, MO 65785-1018. Our Managing Editor is N/A Owners are Phillips Media Group, LLC, 212 N Main Ave, P.O. Box 430, Harrison AR 72601 and Phillips Capital Partners, 42 Business Centre, Suite 101, Moramar Beach, FL 32550.There are no bondholders, mortgagees, or other security holders of any kind or nature, either with or reference to the Cedar County Republican & Stockton Journal Total number of copies printed during the preceding 12 months averaged 2353, and 2033 were printed for 9/07/2022, the issue nearest the filing date. Average mailed outside the county was 193 for the year and 195 on 9/07/2022. The average mailed in-county was 891 for the year and 920 on 9/07/2022. Average total copies sold through dealers, carriers or vendors was 869 during the year and 703 on 9/07/2022. Paid or requested mail subscriptions averaged 1953 for the year and was 1818 on 9/07/2022. The average distributed free using outside county rate was 5 for the year and 4 on 9/07/2022. The free mailed at the in-county rate averaged 14 for the year and was 11 on 9/07/2022. The free or nominal rate distribution outside the mail averaged 0 for the year and was 0 on 9/07/2022. Total average free distribution was 19 for the year and 15 on 9/07/2022. Total distribution averaged 1972 for the year and was 1833 on 9/07/2022. Copies not distributed averaged 376 for the year and was 200 on 9/07/2022. The Total averaged 2348 for the year and was 2033 on 9/07/2022. Paid and /or requested circulation averaged 99.04% for the year and was 99.18% on 9/07/2022. Paid electronic copies was 73 for the year and 68 on 9/07/2022. Total paid print copies + paid electronic copies was 2026 for the year and 1886 on 9/07/2022. Total print distribution + paid electronic copies was 2045 for the year and 1901 on 9/07/2022. Print and/or electronic copies averaged 99.07% for the year and was 99.21% on 9/07/2022. I certify that all information furnished is true and complete. Deanna Moore PUBLISHER

Posted 12/31/1969