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In the 30th Judicial Circuit
Dallas County, Missouri
Probate Division
In the Estate of
Albert Ray Collins, deceased
Estate No. 23DA-PR00063
Notice of Hearing
to Determine Heirship
(Sec. 473.663 RSMo.)
To: Joshua Collins, and all other persons, known or unknown, interested or claiming an interest in the property herein below described, as an heir, or through an heir, of the above-named decedent.
You are hereby notified that you are entitled to appear and be heard at a hearing to be held December 18, 2023 at 1 o'clock p.m., in the courtroom of the Probate Division at 108 S. Maple, Buffalo, Missouri, on the petition to determine the heirs of the above-named decedent, who died March 24, 2022, and their respective interests as heirs in the following described property:
An undivided 1⁄2 interest in Real Property physically located at 307 Greentown Rd., Buffalo, MO. 65622 and legally described as Commencing at a point 110 yards South and 109.5 yards East of the Northwest corner of the Southwest Quarter of Section (25), Township (34), Range (20), thence running from this point West 30 yards; thence South 70 yards; thence East 30 yards and thence North 70 yards to the point of beginning. Subject to and except any part thereof deeded, taken or used for road or highway purposes. Property is not encumbered. $40,500
Real property located in Hickory Co., known as Parcel 09-8.0-27-000-000-013.043 and legally described as A tract of land lying in the Southeast One-fourth (SE 1⁄4) of the Southwest Quarter (SW 1⁄4) of Section Twenty-seven (27), Township Thirty-six (36) North, Range Twenty-one (21) West, Hickory County, Missouri, more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the Bureau of Land Management Monument, being the Southwest Corner of said Section (27); thence South 88 degrees 21 minutes 37 seconds East along the South line of said Section (27) for a distance of 1323.54 feet; thence North 01 degree 33 minutes 00 seconds East along the East line of the SW 1⁄4 of the SW 1⁄4 of said Section (27) for a distance of 396.00 feet to the Point of Beginning; thence South 88 degrees 21 minutes 37 seconds East for a distance of 660.00 feet; thence North 01 degrees 33 minutes 00 seconds East for a distance of 296.12 feet; thence North 88 degrees 37 minutes 41 seconds West for a distance of 660.01 feet; thence South 01 degree 33 minutes 00 seconds West for a distance of 293.04 feet to the Point of Beginning. Said tract containing 4.46 acres more or less and subject to the easements as shown. The described tract is also subject to a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions recorded in Hickory County, Missouri, and easements of record and as shown on the survey.
Property is not encumbered. $8,100
1995 Dodge Ram 1500 VIN: 1B7HF16Z1SS307441. $2,317.
Total Net Value: $50,917
Said action has been designated as an adversary proceeding and shall be governed by the applicable Rules of Civil Procedure and by Circuit Court Rule 33.
Susan Faulkner, Clerk Attorney for Petitioner: Joseph J. Piatchek 1200 E. Woodhurst, Suite T-200 Springfield, MO. 65804
Posted 11/29/2023