David Holder

Recently the Cedar County Republican solicited donations from our readers of neckties to be given to students at Agapé Boys Boarding School.

After delivery, the ties were initially placed in the care of the school’s Amy Chavez. Every Sunday, Chavez presents a tie to each new student who enrolls at Agapé.

“Each new student gets a tie, so I have a big bag of them,” Chavez said. “I pull a tie out and I say, ‘Oh, this looks like it’s perfect for you.’ So I kind of make it feel even more special because they’re getting a tie.”

Chavez takes her tie-distributing role seriously.

“I love doing it, I really do,” Chavez said, “because my dad wore ties to work every day and ties were special to me, so I want it to be special to the boys.”

As the boys progress through the program, they can earn the opportunity to own a specially-designed tie with the Agapé mascot, the Rhino, on it. David Holder, who has been at Agapé for two years, is an example of a student earning this achievement.

“I just really like how it looks,” Holder, originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, said. “The burgundy color stands for strength, and it displays a power in people. Plus, it has our school name and it identifies us as who we are. [The word] agapé means unconditional love, which I like as well.”

Chavez said the need for ties is ongoing as more boys are brought into the school. Currently, about 140 students are enrolled at Agapé with around 10 new students joining in recent weeks.

“I’m very grateful for the ties everyone sent in,” Chavez said. “When I give them their tie, it’s their tie. When they go home, they take it with them.”

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