Most from the community know Agapé Boarding School and Ranch, Stockton, and its mission of helping troubled young men find a more productive path in life through a focus on family, education and faith.  

As staffers and educators from Agapé become more known within the local community,

Richard Tudor, a bible teacher with both the boarding school and academy at Agapé, takes a colorful approach when sharing an educational and spiritual message.

Socks. And if you ask Tudor, the more vibrant or outlandish, the better they are.

“When I started teaching and sharing the bible, I didn’t want to do the black suit, black tie, black shoe-thing,” Tudor said. “That’s just not me.”

Seeing something as simple as shirts, socks or ties as a way to break the ice, Tudor said he wears loud or trendy colors to set himself apart from the traditional images most think of when the label of “Sunday school teacher” is applied.

“It’s something the kids always look forward to,” Tudor said of his footed-flair. “Before any class or any lesson, kids always want to see what sock choice I went with for the day.”

Tudor said his colorful twist on regular fashion is just one of the ways he shows he is relatable and has a lighter side when dealing with troubled or difficult young men struggling with any number of problems.

Tudor said he currently has roughly 70 pairs of colorful socks and the themes vary from mild to wild.

“Whether it’s starting something off with a story or a joke, it’s just one more thing I do to keep the kids’ attention,” Tudor said. “It gives them something fun to look forward to and has become a real running joke.”

Tudor, a Stockton resident, is 75 years old and said his collection of loudly-colored socks continues to grow with each birthday, anniversary and special occasion because everyone in his life knows he appreciates colorful and creative socks which he continues to use as a unique means to connect with those he teaches and witnesses to.  

Interested community members wanting to obtain additional information — or send Tudor a pair of colorful socks — are encouraged to contact Agapé Boarding School at 276-7215.

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