Stockton Lanes, now for sale.

Local bowling center idle for several years

The possibility exists for one of Stockton’s longtime recreation centers to return after sitting dormant for more than six years.

Stockton Lanes was listed for sale Monday, Oct. 14, by Billy Bruce of Bolivar-based Missouri Home, Farm and Land Realty for owners John and Rebecca Walker. The asking price for the facility is $166,000.

The fully-furnished bowling center has been closed since at least the spring of 2013 when John Walker could no longer manage the building due to illness.

Bowling scores from Stockton Lanes last appeared in the Cedar County Republican in the March 13, 2013, issue. The most recent known reference of Stockton Lanes of any kind in these pages occurred April 24, 2013, when the Walkers were given the Friends of Education Award by the Missouri State Teachers Association.

Bruce posted pictures of the eight-lane bowling center Wednesday, Oct. 9, on his personal Facebook page and almost immediately drew dozens of likes and comments. He said the bowling equipment is in fairly good condition, but still needs some work before it can be put back into service.

“They walked me through everything, and for someone to go throw a switch on and bowl that afternoon, that’s probably unrealistic but with a little bit of work, it can be up and going,” Bruce told the Republican Thursday, Oct. 10. “Everything’s still complete, the kitchen’s still complete. The equipment itself needs some batteries replaced. Overall, I would call the condition good.”

Bruce said the Walkers are selling in hopes the buyer will re-open the bowling center.

“They are very aggressive in wanting to sell it,” Bruce said. “They don’t want to see a certain area empty and they want to see the community get some use out of it. I think we’re at a good time in society right now where somebody will tackle it, so the kids will have something to do. That’s their main focus.”

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