—Photo by Miles Brite

From left, John Baxter, Jamie Cahill, Amber Fidler and Rick Brown, all of Simmons Bank, Stockton, share a lighthearted moment as the group serves up food and fun to the local community.

In the spirit of hometown support and kicking off the weekend of National Tailgating Day, administrators and staff from Simmons Bank, Stockton, treated local Tiger football supporters and game-goers to drinks, chips, hot dogs and complimentary merchandise the evening of Friday, Sept. 6, before and during the SHS varsity home game.

Fun, food, visiting, networking and a sense of community were all prevalent during the local bank’s celebration and Simmons Bank staffers said the event was meant to be a fun way to show communal support.

“We’re just here in an effort to embrace Stockton and show our support for the high school football program here,“ Simmons Bank community banking executive and vice president Rick Brown said. “We love being a part of Stockton and enjoy showing our thanks and support our community.”

Simmons Bank also made a $250 donation to the Stockton Quarterback Club during the evening’s enjoyable hometown festivities.

Simmons staff collectively said the financial institution will continue its support of both Stockton students and athletic programs as part of its ongoing local community support efforts.

Additional information regarding Simmons Bank’s community participation within the Stockton area can be obtained by calling their local office at 276-3115.

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