When area contractor Nick Hawkins decided family and homelife was more important than a working life on the road, the entrepreneur set about finding a niche and providing a service he himself saw value in.

Coming from a construction background, Hawkins set about making homes and businesses more energy efficient by focusing on weatherproofing and all things window-related.   

“I’ve seen so many people get taken advantage of when it came to windows, it was something that always stuck with me,” Hawkins said. “Watching companies recommend complete replacements or complicated repair solutions when some basic repairs, framing or sealing work would solve the problem, well, I decided there was a need I could fill there.”

When friend and business partner Josh Harris recently signed on, the two set about forming a weatherproofing and window company offering quality services at prices to fit any budget.

“Sure, we can do a number of things — any light construction, remodeling or handyman work is in the scope of what we do — but weatherproofing, window repairs, complete window replacements, resealing work and thermal inspections are really what we focus on.”

The pair said a large part of how they save people money is by identifying and solving small problems before they become larger more expensive issues.

“People are often surprised by how we can save them money,” Hawkins said. “Preventive maintenance, like with our company’s annual maintenance program, is a great option for homeowners or businesses. It includes an annual efficiency inspection, cleanings and light repair work built into one package. One leaking window can lead to a number of expensive problems and we can identify and solve those problems before they become seriously expensive structural issues.”

All of which Hawkins said costs far less than standard replacement of even a single basic residential window.

Hawkins went on to describe the unseen things many aging buildings fall victim to outside an owner’s knowledge, too — temperature fluctuations causing warp and decay, water seepage, mold problems, unseen deterioration or shifts in framing — all of which directly impact air flow, structural safety, health standards and any building’s energy efficiency.

The pair also offer free assessments for any of their services and make plans and recommendations available to potential customers at no cost.

“When we say something is free, it’s actually free,” Hawkins said of the outfit’s free inspections and project quote policies. “We never charge anyone for an inspection or assessment. And, when we give any customer a quote, we try to include multiple options in different price ranges. We can work with anybody and we won’t take a dime from a customer until a job is finished. That’s just how we operate.”

Window repairs, broken seals, caulking, failing weather stripping removal and replacement, the locally owned and operated venture does it all.  

“We point things out and walk through what we see with customers, “ Hawkins said. “Everyone should know what they have and understand where their money is going when it comes to services like this. Explanations and a breakdown of where your money is going should always be necessary when this kind of work is done and that’s exactly what we do.”

If complete window replacements are necessary, the new company does those, too. Along with any framing, drywall or associated peripheral work a given project may entail. In many cases, the duo said their prices are almost always lower than most area competitors, too.

Licensed, bonded, insured and based out of Ash Grove, the operation’s service area covers most of southwest Missouri and all work performed by the new operation is 100% guaranteed.

Good Ol’ Boys can be reached by calling (417) 296-2419 or online at www.weatherproofingpros.com or via the new business’ Facebook page.

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