Local business owners Aaron and Jennifer Lakin operate Time to Shine Auto Detailing in Stockton and were not necessarily in the market for another line of work when longtime Stockton residents and community business owners Bob and Sandy Kicker came calling a little earlier in the year.  

“When Bob and Sandy [Kicker] came to us with this, we weren't too sure at first,” Aaron said. “After talking with them a bit, it really made sense and we went ahead with it.”

Seeking to meet a local need and capitalizing on an opportunity, Stockton-based business owners opted to move forward an re-open a U-Haul truck and trailer rental location in Stockton.

With the brief absence of a rental truck and trailer location in Stockton, area residents, movers and transporters were previously traveling to El Dorado Springs or Bolivar to obtain or return a U-Haul vehicle.

The Lakin's said they saw immediate traffic and results after opting to engage with the international rental company instantly and unintentionally.

“We were getting vehicles returned to us and getting calls before you could even find us on Google,” Aaron chuckled. “It was kind of crazy, but our local representative was great with helping us coordinate all the traffic and it showed there was definitely a need for a service like this right from the start.”

The couple also said the rental, pickup and delivery processes are all incredibly streamline – in many cases, if an online reservation or return is scheduled, it can be a no-touch process, meaning vehicles can be picked up or returned 24/7, 365 days a year.

The couple also said in many cases customers can drop off or pick up a vehicle well outside traditional business hours.

Giving credit where due, the duo said a father and brother-in-law help fill gaps in staffing on occasion when necessary, too.

The couple said individual customer focus, swift communication and daily availability continue to help the two businesses work with one another.

The new U-Haul rental truck and trailer facility is located at 109 S. Vine St., Stockton, just east of the city square.

Interested customers are encouraged to visit the new location in person. The Lakin's also can be reached via Facebook or online by visiting www.uhaul.com and performing a basic location search.

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