Jamie Cahill shares a smiling moment as she explains her new role at The CPA Firm’s Stockton locale.

After a dozen years with Simmons Bank, Stockton, former branch manager and local financial professional Jamie Cahill has changed roles and joined the growing CPA Firm’s office in Stockton.

“I definitely feel like I’m in the right place,” Cahill said of her new role with the expanding financial operation. “Based on my existing relationships with customers and my community involvement, I’ve moved into this new role very well.”

In addition to helping bring in new clientele, Cahill will manage much of the day-to-day interactions in the CPA Firm’s Stockton office — just one of many ways she said her dozen-plus years in the financial world has allowed her to make the recent transition almost seamlessly.

Longtime tax preparer and former business owner William Jenkins had nothing but positive things to say about Cahill’s addition to the existing office staff.

“I knew of Jamie, but had never worked with her directly,” Jenkins said. “She has been a very positive and welcome addition here. Her skillset certainly improves our office’s operation and she’s brought a very upbeat and knowledgeable professional presence to our staff. The way she fits in almost feels like she’s always been here.” Jenkins went on to confirm Cahill will be tasked with roles in bookkeeping, payroll services as well as tax preparation and filing processes.

In further explaining her new role, Cahill credited the Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce with assisting her in locating and securing her newfound local position.

“The Stockton Chamber [of commerce] deserves a lot of credit here, too,” Cahill said. “They were the first ones to bring this opportunity to my attention and things really fell into place immediately after that.”

Cahill is available in the office by appointment Monday-Friday at the CPA Firm’s Stockton location at 21 Public Square and can be reached by calling (417) 667-1673 or via email at jamie@thecpafirm417.com.

Additional information regarding the CPA Firm’s vast capabilities and professional offerings can be found by visiting the growing organization’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thecpafirm.

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