February is always a big month for donations of soup at the pantry. This year we would like to ask all churches, schools and community groups to join us in a friendly Souper Bowl competition which began Thursday, Feb. 1, and goes through Wednesday, Feb. 28. The organization donating the most soup during this time period will be announced in the Cedar County Republican and will receive a traveling trophy with their name inscribed to keep until Feb. 1, 2019. To make it fair for all sizes of groups, from small to large, the most soup donated to win will be based on a calculation based on number of cans of soup donated divided by the number of members of the organization; highest percentage wins. Not just active members, but total self-reported local members.

These examples are fictitious and for clarification purposes only.

LMN organization, donated 200 cans, 20 members, equals 10 percent.

ABC School, donated 56 cans, 147 members, equals .3809 percent.

XYZ church, donated 250 cans, 50 members, equals 5 percent.

In this scenario the winner would be LMN Organization.

All soups are appreciated; our biggest need is basic tomato, cream of mushroom, chicken noodle and miscellaneous varieties. No pre-registration required, just bring your soup to the SAMA food pantry from 9 a.m.-noon Wednesday-Friday. Leave your organization’s name and contact person’s name and phone number, number of cans donated and your membership count. In case of a tie, there will be a drawing. Let's make this a fun and friendly competition to benefit the hungry of the community. Any questions, contact SAMA food pantry manager Sharon Linnartz at (417) 399-2596.

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